NTFS Data Recovery Software Screenshot

NTFS Data Recovery Software Screenshot

Data Doctor’s NTFS data recovery software easily recovers data on NTFS file system partition lost due to following reasons:

  • Deleted/formatted NTFS, NTFS5 partitions
  • Virus Infected or Corrupted files
  • Partition structures are damaged or deleted
  • Unexpected system shutdown
  • Software failure and accidentally deleted files

NTFS data recovery software provides solution for recovery of files from NTFS, NTFS5 file system. Easily recovers deleted files and folders even after use of Shift+Del key or data deleted from the recycle bin.Multi storage support to hard disk drive and other storage media including all IDE, SATA, EIDE and SCSI disk devices. Support files of any type including pictures, text, graphics, audio file, video file like TXT, DOC, BMP, JPG, JPEG, MPEG, WMP, AVI, TIFF etc.

NTFS data recovery software provides easy to use GUI interface that guides users with easy to use recovery steps. The application is designed in very simple way that any non-technical users can operate it easily.

Features: -

  • Recovers data lost due to corrupted NTFS NTFS5 file system.
  • Data recovery support from compressed and encrypted files and folders.
  • Software support long files names and folder recovery.
  • Recover data from logically corrupted or formatted hard drives.
  • Recover data from partitioned or re-partitioned hard drives.
  • Recovers files from bad sector affected disk drive.
  • NTFS partition recovery tool is safe, read-only and non-destructive utility.
  • NTFS recovery software is helpful in computer forensic.
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