System Utilities

To provide technological solution, Data Doctor has designed following System Utilities:-

Data Wiper: Data Wiper system utilities wipes and cleans unused disk space and free space for better system performance and speed up system. System utility like Wiper wipes the data from specified location in a single click. Rescue important data from being recovered that can be misused by unauthorized person.

Key Logger Software: Key logger software utility act as a employee monitoring tool that keep track of all the task done by user with all details to check work status. PC Software tool capture every screen shots of applications used by unauthorized user with complete detail and rescues system setting from being altered.

Internet History Eraser: Cleaner Cleans IE Cookies, IE temporary files, recent documents, all recycle bin files, directory, shortcuts, log files, backup files from restore. The system utility protects PC from inspection, spying or snooping offline and Internet activities and destroy the data beyond recovery by hardware or software.

Interactive and intuitive graphical interface makes the utility simple and effortless to understand and operate by any non-technical person.

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