Password Recovery Software

Due to today’s advance technology, we have developed Password Recovery Software to recover your secret lost or forgotten password stored in PC. The software utility restore almost any password in Windows - IE password, screen saver password, shared password, dial-up password, access password etc. Password are key to access data files of any format that has been forgotten, lost, destroyed when it becomes need to access data.

The passwords generated are in encrypted form to provide confidentiality to system password that performs verification when user attempt to login. Multilingual password retrieved for applications may be of larger length and complexity. Password Recovery software works for web sites password and windows applications.

Applications for which several passwords unmask tools are available to recover password are as follows:-

  • MS Internet Explorer
  • MS Outlook Express
  • MS Office Outlook
  • FTP passwords

Pro Data Doctor Pvt Ltd makes availability of following software to recover lost passwords:-

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